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6 Links For Day 6 (February 20/16)



14 Reasons Why Pastors Avoid Preaching About Money  by Beth Colletti

“The atmosphere was colder than an arctic winter.  Palpable hostility was written all over some faces.  Yes that’s right.  I was preaching about money.  It was the first series I’d ever done on the ‘forbidden’ topic.  I know that preaching about money is one of the topics that pastors avoid and even hate.”

5 Ways To Grow As A Leader in 2016 by Justin Trapp

“Confession…I am addicted to progress. I want things to move forward and feel myself getting frustrated when they don’t. Surrounding myself with people and organizations that share this value is very intentional for me. Chances are, if you are reading this, you value growth as well.”

Ministry Blogs and Podcasts You Should Follow by Issac Hopper

“As I have  said before, I don’t think leaders should lead in isolation. We should always be learning and growing and leading with others. I still think there is tremendous value in doing this in-person with other leaders. But I have also found a lot of benefit in free resources available online.”

8 Myths Every Millennial Believed About Adulthood by Jesse Carey

“Most millennials grew up with an exciting sense of promise: The economy was booming. The Internet was changing the way we communicate. MTV still played music videos (TRL forever!).

But culture, the economy and even MTV have changed dramatically. More and more millennials still live with their parents, have abandoned faith and are not in relationships. For many, life isn’t turning out how they thought it would.”

“Some Sundays you feel great after preaching. Yet there are days when things just don’t go the way you had imagined them and you’re at a loss. Maybe you simply feel vulnerable. Maybe you saw someone wince at one of your carefully crafted statements. Maybe you just felt like you flopped.”


“Does the God of the Old Testament need anger management? I have no easy answer. But I do know that we must take the text as it actually presents itself. If we let it stand on its own terms, we begin to find clues.”



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Disclaimer – These posts do not necessarily represent what I believe but are presented to stimulate our thinking.


6 Links For Day 6 (February 13/16)



Atlanta Preacher Dresses Up As Prostitute by Jeannie Law

Grammy-Award-winner-turned pastor Le’Andria Johnson admitted that she uses some unconventional methods to get people into the church.  “20 cigarettes, 20 people smoking them… they all came to church,” Johnson told The Grio. “They’re still coming to church. So it works. The method works.”

28 Tips, Tricks and Apps for Senior Pastors by Brian Jones

3 Sentence Email Rule – Except in rare circumstances, I never respond in email with more than 3 sentences. If something warrants a longer response I’ll say, “See me Sunday” or “Bring this up at staff meeting.”

5 Myths About Rosa Park by Justin Taylor

“Shortly after 5 p.m., on a cool Alabama evening 60 years ago Tuesday, a 42-year-old woman clocked out from her job as a seamstress at the Montgomery Fair Department Store. Rosa Parks walked westward along Montgomery Street to Court Square to board the Cleveland Avenue bus to make the five-mile, 15-minute trek back to her apartment at Cleveland Courts to cook supper for her husband, Raymond.”

3 Simple Ways Silence Will Make You Hear God Clearly by Marve Handah

“We all want to be right in any argument.  We all want to prove that we are more knowledgeable in various matters.  We want people to do things our way because we’re all convinced our way is the best way.  But the truth is when you insist on being correct in any argument your arrogance will harm your relationships. Sometimes, the best way to resolve an argument is to shut up and just listen.”

Why Is There So Much Violence In The Bible?


Why Do Some People Get So Mad At You?

Social activist Elliott Larson* said, “Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.” When I read that I couldn’t help but think of the church, or more specifically, congregational expectations towards their pastor. So often the reason why people are mad at their pastor can be traced back to frustrated expectations.

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Disclaimer – These posts do not necessarily represent what I believe but are presented to stimulate our thinking.

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6 Links For Day 6 (February 6/16)





8 Mistakes Most Churches Will Make In 2016 @richbirch

“My conviction is that most churches are getting the following 8 areas wrong. I don’t write this from a place of criticism but as a fellow laborer attempting to help his friends. Our church needs to work on these areas and I think your church could benefit from considering them as well.”

29 Ways To Plan The Ultimate Christian Wedding (Stuff Christians Like)

3. You have someone read verses from Song of Solomon in the message version of the Bible and the verses sound vaguely like a Prince lyric and somehow include the phrase, “let’s make out.” = +3 points

An In-Depth Look at Teachings that Lead to Pseudo-Christianity: Seeker-Friendly Gospel  @theologymix

What’s wrong with the seeker-friendly gospel?

“At a service my wife and I attended, the pastor ended with the question “What do you need from the Holy Spirit today?” Although the congregation reacted enthusiastically, we were alarmed, because this is unbiblical teaching on at least two levels. First, we don’t really know what we lack, so we can’t decide on what we need. Naturally, we will always tend toward the goodies and never toward the discipline. If we (rather than God) can decide on what we need, we will become self-righteous consumers wallowing in our lukewarm bath and we will never follow the ‘way of the cross’ (Mk. 8:34-38), because we will never ask for suffering to become more Christ-like. Second and far more worrying, it puts God in the position of our divine butler or genie in a bottle ready to fulfill all our needs. This is idolatry.”


3 Things To Remember When You’re In A Season of Waiting  @MissMandyHale

“As Winter Storm Jonas rocked much of the country a couple of weeks ago, I found myself trapped inside my apartment for a few days due to the condition of the roads. I should add that I live in middle Tennessee, where any real amount of snow is a rarity—we treat it like an apocalyptic event when it actually occurs. We run to the grocery store, we cancel school (sometimes before a single flake falls), and we seem to forget entirely how to drive. It’s like everything we ever learned about driving shoots right out of our heads and we’re left skidding around like a child’s first bike ride without training wheels.


Down’s Syndrome People Risk ‘extinction’ At The Hands of Science, Fear and Ignorance @timothy_stanley

“…society goes through peaks and troughs of sympathy towards the disabled – and we risk entering a darker age. The National Screening Committee has approved a simple blood test for Down’s Syndrome that in many ways is wonderful news. It should reduce the need for invasive testing procedures, which trigger around 350 cases of miscarriage every year.”

What Can The Church Learn From The Rise of Uber  @cnieuwhof

“What can you learn as a church leader from the astounding rise of Uber, the ride-hail company born in San Francisco just a few years ago? Quite a bit actually.”


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Disclaimer – These posts do not necessarily represent what I believe but are presented to stimulate our thinking.

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6 Links For Day 6 (March 26/16)




An Open Letter To My Pain by Marshunda Thomas

I wanted to sit down and pen a thank you letter to you. It is only because of you that I am the woman that I am today. There are really so many facets that I just don’t rightfully know where to begin but I’ll start by saying thank you for the long line of failures, mistakes, hurt, rejection, pain, depression, and struggle. Each of which has increased my wisdom and challenged me to continue to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

How Academic Denial May Hide Christianophobia By George Yancey

Recent research has revealed interesting facts about academic bias against political conservatives and libertarians. While being a Christian is not the same thing as being a political conservative, there are lessons to be learned here about Christianophobia in academia.

Four Kinds of Churches on the Attractional Spectrum (Where Does Yours Land?) by Eric McKiddle

You may have noticed that there has been a bit of conversation around the web about “attractional” churches. The question is often posed as to whether your church is attractional or missional in regard to its approach to reaching the lost.

Why I’m Grateful For The Local Church by Dan Reiland

I love my church where I serve, but I’m also very grateful for the local church in general. In all its beauty and flaws, I can’t imagine culture surviving without it.

Is The Resurrection Essential To Christian Belief? by Joel Milller

Just 42 percent of Americans identify the resurrection of Jesus as the point of Easter, according to a 2010 Barna survey  2010 Barna survey, and only 2 percent “describe Easter as the most important holiday of their faith.”

Mark Driscoll Paved The Way for Donald Trump


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6 Links For Day 6 (January 23/16)


Kids Can Handle It

“About a year ago, I found myself in a tense (in a healthy kind of way) conversation with a coworker. We were working on developing a curriculum for youth groups across Canada to use, and we’d had some feedback from an advisor letting us know we had too much Bible in it. Kids can’t handle theology, this person said, get them out of it and into doing something as quickly as possible.” (Aaron Armstrong)

When Leading In The Church Gets Tough

“Let’s face it we have all been there: the thoughts of doubt, writing out the resignation letter, wondering why it seems everyone is against you. We think shouldn’t leading God’s church be easy? But instead you get opposition to every  change, every new idea, even personally with every personality quirk.” (Joe Hoagland)

Did Jesus Exist?


Six Rules For Joke-Telling Pastors

“A sense of humor is an essential trait for leaders, but your sense of humor can quickly turn from an asset to a liability if you are careless. Like any form of communication, people will sometimes hear what they want to hear and not what you are actually saying, so humor is always a risk. As a follow-up to last week’s post on why humor is serious business for leaders, here are my five rules for preachers to keep in mind when it comes to humor.” (Steve Dunmire)

Why Your Church Should Support Fewer Missionaries

“Like many families, churches are perennially trying to balance their monthly budgets and make those valuable dollars stretch in a way that best honors God. They want to make an impact in global outreach and be good stewards of God’s resources.”

How Much Does Evangelism Cost

I believe one of the reasons so few churches engage in outreach is because they ask the wrong question. Too often, the first question asked is, “How much will it cost?” The right question is, “Who will it reach?” (Rick Warren)


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6 Links For Day 6 (January 30/16)


“When Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making Sense”  (Frederica Mathewes-Green)

At the time of the Roe v. Wade decision, I was a college student — an anti-war, mother-earth, feminist, hippie college student. That particular January I was taking a semester off, living in the D.C. area and volunteering at the feminist “underground newspaper” Off Our Backs. As you’d guess, I was strongly in favor of legalizing abortion. The bumper sticker on my car read, “Don’t labor under a misconception; legalize abortion.”

Listen, if you’re a Senior Pastor, you have absolutely no business hiring anyone, fixing anything, starting a new ministry, or changing some aspect of your church’s life until you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror and figured out how to fully implement the following five priorities in your own life.  Your personal ministry priorities serve as the foundation for the rest of the church. They make the rest of the church possible. “Saying” they are priorities, but only partially executing them, with haphazard consistency, weakens the entire church.
Back in the 90s, comedian Jeff Foxworthy did a bit called “You Might Be a Redneck if . . .” What followed the “if” was something like “ . . .your wife’s hairdo has ever been destroyed by a ceiling fan” or “ . . .you refer to the 5th grade as ‘my senior year’.”  What follows is a similar set of criteria for sorting out the true PKs from everyone else. Without further ado, and in the inimitable Jeff Foxworthy spirit:


“5 Lessons To Learn From Large Canadian Churches”  (unseminary)

“For Canadians who attended a Protestant church last weekend, an estimated one in eight attended a church that draws 1,000 or more in weekly attendance.”

“3 Core Elements of A Growing Church”

From the guys at Churchfuel, here is the first in a 4-part series on growing a healthy church.

“In the midst of his work to combat institutional racism within the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. relied heavily on principles taught in Scripture.  The wisdom and insights King gained as he helped lead the civil rights movement apply to us today, for injustice still exists among us in many forms and in many places.”


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6 Links For Day 6 (January 16/16)


6 Links For Day 6 (February 27/16)



5 Ways You Are Actually Ruining Your Child’s Life by Arlene Pellicane

Have you ever wondered if you are doing a terrible job as a parent?  We’ve probably all thought that at one time or another.  Parenting is a tough job; often times more art than science.  Yet the unpopular parenting decisions you make are most likely contributing to your child’s health, not their detriment.

Christian Persecution In China Even Worse Than You Thought by Jesse Carey

Late last month, the pastor of China’s largest Protestant church, “Joseph” Gu was arrested after he publicly protested the government’s campaign to remove crosses from churches.


Anyone who has labored in ministry for any period of time knows that a consistent companion accompanies ministry. This companion raises its head for moments, days, months, and even years. It can threaten our joy, steal our delight, and hinder our zeal. What is this all-too-familiar companion? Discouragement. After conducting an informal survey with a few dozen pastors and lay-people over the past few months, the following are the top five reasons given for discouragement in ministry along with a few encouragements about how to battle through these struggles.

Anyone can be a leader. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. True leadership is rare, because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to grow their influence.

Equal Marriage Is The Next Step In The Church’s Continual Reformation by Giles Fraser

Earlier today, two members of the Church of England, John and John – one of them an Egyptologist, one a care home manager – got married in a church in the heart of the City of London. They entered a civil partnership some years ago but, in accordance with the state’s silly rules, weren’t allowed to mention God on that occasion. Instead of religious music (which is banned) they opted for Cole Porter. But this time it was different. “Praise, my soul, the King of heaven” we sang. And the service itself was couched in the familiar language of classic Anglicanism: “It is very meet, right and our bounden duty” etc. It was a privilege to be invited to take communion with them both.

A recent survey asked a straightforward question: which is worse, to watch porn or to fail to recycle? The results are in: “Half of teenagers and nearly three-quarters of young adults come across pornography at least monthly, and both groups on average consider viewing pornographic images less immoral than failing to recycle.”


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Disclaimer – These posts do not necessarily represent what I believe but are presented to stimulate our thinking.




6 Links For Day 6 – 20/06/15




Blogging Gone Bad: 7 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

“Here are the seven blogging mistakes I most often see. Each of these can be a traffic-killer. For me they’re like flashing exit signs. And the truth is I’m not the only reader that stops reading when I see them.”


My Open Resignation Letter: Nathan Rose

“First, let me say that I’m happier than I have ever been before in ministry and I love the church family I’ve led after almost 5 years. I feel fulfilled and encouraged by the growth I’m seeing in myself and those I pastor.  That being said, I’m writing to let you know that I’m resigning.”


13 Smith Wigglesworth Quotes That Will Challenge Your Faith

“Though he’s not as well known as some other evangelists of his era, the legacy of Smith Wigglesworth has had a major influence on modern Evangelicalism. Though he was a student of Scripture, Wigglesworth is probably best known for his role as a faith-healer—employing methods of prayer and deliverance in his services that were sometimes controversial.”


I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

“This isn’t an accident: I have intentionally adjusted my teaching materials as the political winds have shifted…Most of my colleagues who still have jobs have done the same.”


20 Facts About The Unchurched People Who Visit Your Church

“Unchurched People were often deeply affected as children by the actions of their parents and their view of God.”

Dealing With Doubt An Interview With Barnabas Piper

In your book, you talk about the popular bumper sticker/mantra: “The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it.” What’s wrong with this type of thinking?

The short answer is that it’s simplistic. That mindset fails to take into account human nature and our wavering faith. It is often more of a mantra than actual belief, something people mindlessly repeat instead of taking to heart.


This week at Mostly Ministry – 23 Quotes About The Craft of Preaching

Enjoy your Saturday!!



6 Links For Day 6 (March 19/16)


How To Be An Atheist by Justin Taylor

“Mitch Stokes is an impressive thinker. After receiving a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and after securing five patents for turbine engines, he turned his attention to philosophy and religion.”

Were The Disciples Fooled By An Imposter by J. Wallace

“As an atheist, the Resurrection of Jesus seemed preposterous to me. I was willing to accept the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth, but I rejected the supernatural claims of the New Testament Gospels, especially the claim that Jesus rose from the dead.”

The Theology Of Donald Trump by Michael Horton

“While a theological analysis of other candidates would suggest many equally troubling assumptions of their evangelical followers, no candidate is more identified with the word evangelical as is Trump. The loyalty of his self-identified evangelical followers is especially startling to many.”

The Deadly Sin of Coveting by Jason Helopoulos

“A person may rationalize they have never murdered, committed adultery, or stolen, however untrue their claim may be, but no person in their right mind would say they have never coveted.”

10 Done For You Resources For Easter by Rich Birch

“Easter is almost here! Today we have some done-for-you content that you can plug into your social networks to help you promote your services. 70% of your people use social media regularly … how can you leverage that channel in these last few hours before Easter Sunday?”

25 Tips to Help Your Prayer LIfe by Dennis Qaoud

1. Prayer is not just an invitation, but a command.

2. Not every “impression” and “feeling” and “interrupted thought” during prayer is God speaking to you.

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6 Links For Day 6 (March 5/16)


7 Reasons Jesus Was Not A Great Man by Philip McClelland

“Jesus was not a great man. Read the Gospels, read what others wrote about Him. He did not want fanboys or screaming teenage girls chasing after him in a concert. If He walked the earth today I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have found Him on the cover of success magazines or celebrity rags showing off on the red carpet his latest $20,000 outfit.”

Meet The United Church Minister Who Came Out As An Atheist by Amy Dempsey

“Four years into her role as minister at West Hill United Church, Rev. Gretta Vosper had a crisis of conscience.

In her sermons each Sunday, Vosper spoke openly about how she did not believe the Bible was “the authoritative word of God for all time” — a conviction she’d held long before her ordination, and one that is not uncommon among United Church of Canada clergy.”

Why Teenage Girls Roll They Eyes

“Many people can roll their eyes, but adolescent girls have practically monopolized the ocular gesture as a form of communication. Adults on the receiving end of an eye roll are often offended, and sometimes that’s just what the girl had in mind. But frequently, it’s not. Eye-rolling serves a variety of purposes, and the meanings behind the mannerism tell us a lot about what it’s like to be a teenager.”

Some Thoughts On Christians, Movies and Nudity by Samuel James

“To be honest, I had no idea what (or who?) Deadpool was by the time everyone was watching the trailers for the new movie. I’d never heard of that character and had no special interest in learning more (I’m fatigued of superhero movies at this point anyway). But it turns out that Deadpool is a pretty interesting guy (thing?) and has a lot of fans. Box Office Mojo’s unofficial reports have the movie blowing away some meaningful records, several of which are in the “R-rated” category. R-rated superhero films are rare. Studios prefer PG-13 ratings for films they want to be blockbusters, for obvious reasons.”

Why I Don’t Share The Gospel by Ryan Smith

The question was simple enough: Why don’t you share the gospel?

My answer was simple, as well. I work at a church. I don’t have kids old enough to be in team sports so I’m never around non-believers. There are two other pastors on my side of a very short street. Yes, I want to share the gospel, but I find my opportunities few and far between.

Why The Heck Would Missionary Need So Much Money To Live In A Poor Country?

A picture is worth 1000 words and this one pretty much sums up the cost of living in El Salvador.  Exact same Hot Dog from Costco/Pricemart.  In US $1.50 with a 20oz soda and in El Salvador $2.49 and if you want the drink it will cost you $1.29 more.


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Disclaimer – These posts do not necessarily represent what I believe but are presented to stimulate our thinking.