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I’m Peter and I’ve been in full-time ministry for over 20 years and I still love it.  I love serving and I love learning from courses, books but especially for others one to one or in a small group around a breakfast table.

My dream is for this blog to be a place where we gather and have regular conversations about ministry and life.  When you stop learning you die and there is nothing worse than a dead shepherd:)

In my life before Pastoral Ministry I was a Disc Jockey, I worked all the shifts overnight, afternoons, evenings and mornings.  I have a diploma in Radio Broadcasting and another one in Television Broadcasting.  I felt the call to full-time ministry in 1987 and entered Eastern Pentecostal Bible College now Master’s College and Seminary in 1988 graduating in 1992.  My seminary life was an extended journey not unlike the Israelites  journey in the wilderness but mine was not because of disobedience:)  I finished up in 2013 with an MDiv from Tyndale University, College and Seminary.

During Bible College I met my wife Sarah ane we were married after my second year.  She has always been my greatest supporter and currently we serve at Brooklin Village Church  (We are currently working on updating our site) We have two kids who are now young adults who are the joy of our lives.










In my off times outside of all the family stuff I like hiking, reading but I do not like chocolate (I think it tastes like dirt) and I’m allergic to all nuts and peas. (I know weird)

My most unusual item is that I am a Black Newfie, for those of you who are not Canadian that is a bit of a rarity especially back in my day.

You can connect with me on Twitter.

Peace and Blessings,