A Guaranteed Way To Get Your Kids Home On Time

I was talking with a friend the other day and the topic turned to parenting.  In the course of our conversation I said that we were fortunate, we never worried about our kids so we never had to give them a curfew.  My friend told be what their parents did to make sure they were home on time and I thought it was brilliant!!!

A Guranantee Way To Get Your Kids Home On Time(2)


Step One

Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock.  You know the one ones that wind up with the bells on top.

Step Two

Show your teenager how it works and how to turn it off.

Step Three

Before your teen heads out for the night, state the time they must be home and set the clock to that time.  In their presence put the clock at the bottom of the steps and say, “You need to be home to turn this off before the alarm goes on.  If the clock wakes me up there will be a price to pay.  Good night.”  Then go to bed and sleep well:)

Told  you it was simple:)


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