Why Is The Wedding Ring On The 4th Finger?

Why Is The Wedding Ring On The 4th Finger?

The longer you are in ministry the more weddings you will be asked to perform.  One of the challenges for anyone who performs the same task over and over is to stay fresh.  So here is a little video about why the ring finger is the 4th finger that you might like to include as part of your wedding ceremonies this year.

Why The Wedding Ring Is On The 4th Finger



What I add to this video is that if one or both of the middle fingers is raised than the ring fingers can separate very easy.   Therefore, it is important for us as spouses to reflect God’s Agape love in our marriages.  A love that is seeking the highest good in the other person, a self-sacrificing love.

P.S.  I did an outdoor wedding a couple of years ago where I gave the groom two choices.  “You may kiss the bride or update your Facebook status.”  He made he right decision and kissed the bride.  Then from the back comes the loud voice of a senior citizen for all to hear.  “What’s Facebook?”  It broke the place up:)

Do you have a story of a wedding you officiated or of a wedding you attended that you would like to tell us about?

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