Which One of these 6 Message Types Will You Use This Sunday?

Which One Of These 6 Messages Types Will You Use This Sunday?

After you have prayed, done your research, consulted the commentaries and lived with the passage the question still remains, “How do I present this?”  What is the best approach for the specific situation you are in as a church right now?

Jesus tailored his message for his listeners and we should too.



Here are 6 Preaching Angles from an article I recently read  by Glen Long entitled “The Only 6 Posts Worth Writing (and How to Totally Nail Each one)

#1 – The Wake-Up Call

  • The Wake-Up Call is a tough-talking post whose purpose is to snap the reader out of behavior that’s destructive, misguided or simply isn’t in line with their claimed goals.

#2 – The Catalyst

  • The Catalyst is a post designed to push the reader over the edge – but in a positive way.

#3 – The Lifeline

  • The Lifeline is a highly practical post that gives the reader the solution to a problem they already know they have.

#4 – The Handholder

  • The Hand-Holder takes a new reader on their first baby steps toward a large and seemingly impossible goal.

#5 – The Strategy

  • The Strategy gives the reader a robust process for reaching an elusive goal. This is a post for the reader who already knows where they are and where they need to be but cannot see a clear path between the two.

#6 – The Horizon Expander

  • The Horizon-Expander aims to broaden the reader’s knowledge and open them to new ideas and opportunities.


How do I make this practical? 

If you are preaching an expository or textual message let the passage give you direction as to which category it might fall into.

If you are preaching a topical message consider your audience and what approach is needed for your particular context.

I came across this article while I was preparing a message called, “You Are Not To Busy To Pray”.

I decided to use the Catalyst Approach.

I read 15 Great Excuses Not to Form the Fitness Habit by Leo Babauta and loved the way he knocked down each excuse people have for not exercising.  As I put my message together I used the same type of approach with the excuses we have for not praying.

Finally, think back over the past year and take a tally of what categories your message fall into.

Are you balanced or are you a one-trick pony?

Jesus varied His approach depending on His audience and what they needed and so should we.

Here’s to better preaching.


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