When The Testimony Service Goes Bad:)



I grew up with a testimony service at every Sunday morning and Sunday night.  If you get me going I can paraphrase 20 years of testimonies without much of a problem:)

Many of those testimonies  truly had a huge impact on my spiritual walk, the testimony of a lady we called Aunt Ted who was given 3 days to live and how they called the Elders of the Church to lay hands on her and she was instantly healed and the outlived 2 husbands.

The passion of Uncle Johnny Grimes and his love for God which was so evident every time he spoke.  The testimony of big construction workers who would stand and begin to weep as they talked about surrendering their lives to Jesus.  My life was enriched by these Saints giving glory to God.

Then there we those testimonies that did not have such an impact.  If you get me going I can mimic some of those too:)


This past Sunday we had one of our teenagers give their testimony.  His story brought the house to tears, absolutely amazing.

Let’s not underestimate the power of personal testimony in a church service.

Back in the day the Pastor would stand up and open the floor for testimonies.  Most of us would be nervous with that approach today so what do we do?

Here’s some help: Cody Kimmel gives some great ideas about having a testimony service including getting it on film.

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