When The “Church Greeter” Is Not Good At Their Job



For those of us who have grown up in church it’s hard for us to imagine how difficult it is for first time guests to walk through our doors.  The first couple of minutes of a guests visit can make or break the whole experience.

In visiting churches on vacation over the years I have experienced some great greeters.  They greet you with a nice smile, firm handshake and genuinely seem to be excited about your visit.

Then I have also been greeted by those who do not have a gift or even half a gift for hospitality:)  They greet you with a question mark as to why are you here, they give you a fish handshake and are more interested in checking out the girl behind you than exchanging pleasantries.

However, I think Tim Hawkins describes the all-time worst greeter there is…

How do you deal with a less than adequate church greeter?

You can pray, “”Lord, can you make Sister Jones just a little  sick this week? It’s Baby Dedication Sunday and we are going to have a lot of guests”

Or you can take a look at this article by  Hal Seed and put this very sensible advice into practice.

We should never underestimate the importance of a welcoming smile on the way into a church service.  It might just save someone’s life.

Check out this story from Outreach Magazine

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