Wedding Season Help Is On The Way!!



The season of wedding counseling, family squabbles, rehearsals, mother-in-law pressure, waiting for a late bride and long receptions are just about to begin.  It’s Wedding Season:)

Here are 5 helps to get you prepared for the Big Day.

Message Helps:

Joe McKeever gives “7 Helps Every Wedding Sermon Should Contain” including the very true – Tell them not to expect their spouse to understand all their hurts and to meet all their needs.

Pastor David L. Hansen  gives an example of how to make a wedding talk personal and difference between a wedding and a marriage.

Here is an example of a full wedding ceremony with sermon from David Prince

Here’s a full script to file away for the next Wedding Renewal you may be asked to do.

Wedding Illustration:

Preaching Today  gives us a company that boasts perfect wedding weather. Here’s the full article


While we are preparing to help couples take the first steps of the life of wedded bliss let’s make sure we are taking care of our own relationship first. Here’s some practical advice from Rick Warren

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Here’s a cool wedding illustration you might want to consider using – Why The Wedding Ring Is On The 4th Finger


Happy Wedding Season:)

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