Top 5 Tips For Visiting Seniors

I love older people because they have wisdom of which I am always in need of and they tell stories which I love to hear.  So please take this tongue and cheek post in the spirit in which it’s presented.

Tip #1

As you ring the door bell or get off the elevator erase all former conversations from past visits, this will help because you will  hear the same stories again.

Tip #2

Establish common ground by learning to love puzzles and the more pieces the better.

Tip #3

In order to achieve the proper speaking volume start soft and when they stop leaning in, cupping their ears, giving nonsensical answers you have hit the proper level.

Tip #4

Do not eat a big lunch before going out for a visit.  Senior’s like it hot and the combination of the heat and less blood in your brain because of digestion is not a good situation.

Tip #5

Watch out for this subtle Senior’s trick.  From the very beginning they will time your visit. If your visit is not long enough for their liking they will begin to offer you a snack 5-7 minutes before your regular leaving time which will actually add an extra 20-25 minutes to you stay.

D you have a tip for us?  Please leave a comment and share it.


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