The 4 B’s Of Your Next Missions Trip

This past November, I had the privilege of visiting, Possibilities House For Children, which our church sponsors.   I had been in Mexico in 2008 and from the night our plane landed when we returned home I had been looking forward to going back. I will never be known as a “Preparation Genesis” but I thought I would put together some thoughts to help you get ready for your next missions trip.

The 4 B's Of Your Next Missions Trip




Be Prepared

  • Look up the ministry and familiarize yourself with their mission.
  • Look up the town and country and learn about the history.
  • Use an app like duolingo to learn the basics of the language.
  • Arrive at the Airport early.
  • There may be long waits at check in, security and customs.
  • Take the packing list seriously. (Bring your own toilet paper)


Be Adjustable

  • Weather can play havoc with your plans. (They were 3 days behind before we landed)
  • Timing of events can change on a dime depending on circumstances.
  • Food may be a stretch for your palate.
  • Don’t expect North American standards in a developing country. (If you can’t handle this stay home. – I’m serious)
  • Adjust to the fact that when you come home people may not be as interested in your trip as you will be in telling them about it.


Be Thankful

  • For the opportunity to serve (You’re not on vacation)
  • For you hosts who give up much to serve.
  • Every morning tell you hosts one thing you enjoyed from the previous day.
  • Show thankfulness by bringing a small gift for your host, leaving a thank you card, writing an email or adding them to facebook.


Be A Promoter

  • Journal your trip on twitter, Facebook or your blog. (Remember pictures are worth a thousand words)
  • Sponsor their ministry.
  • Talk it up to whoever will listen.

As a promoter let me encourage you to check out Possibilities House For Children they are doing a great job of rescuing, restoring and redeeming kids in Mexico.  They get 2 thumbs up from me.







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