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The following story happened to a friend of mine, who does not claim he was innocent in all of this:)

Husbands take note! If you are tempted to get out of your car on a highway in a fit of road rage, beware.  Your wife may just get behind the wheel and leave you stranded.


That’s exactly what one unsuspecting husband discovered on his way to work at 7:00 a.m. this past Tuesday.


It began when John, a Toronto lawyer, was enroute to a client meeting in downtown Toronto from his Lakeshore Avenue West condominium complex.  John made the mistake of cutting  his convertible in front of an eastbound moving car.  The driver in the car behind him, miffed because of John’s turn, slammed the heel of his hand on the horn and then gestured wildly at John displaying his early morning agitation at this affront.


As John entered the Gardiner on-ramp he deliberately slowed down to a crawl causing the driver’s anger to boil even more.  The sound of a blaring horn followed John’s painfully slow ascent up the ramp onto the Gardiner.  Once on the Gardiner, John moved into the center lane merging with traffic. The driver behind roared past John and quickly moved in front of him forcefully slamming on the brakes.  John and all the cars behind him screeched to a stop. 


With traffic stopped because of congestion, the driver flung open his door and stomped his way back to John.  John looked up at this well-dressed, handsome gentlemen who began to scold and shout at him telling him that he shouldn’t be driving a standard if he didn’t know how. 

Confused as to why the driver would think John didn’t know how to drive a standard, he looked at the car in front of him.  John was now transfixed at what he saw – movement in the passenger seat – someone appeared to be moving to the beat of a fast-paced song and hands were flailing away.  But wait, no….that wasn’t it.   It was someone climbing over the console into the driver’s seat.  It was the driver’s wife.  


She extended her arm out of the car, grabbed the door and slammed it shut.  In awe, John saw her drive off leaving her husband stranded beside him in the centre lane of the Gardiner. By now the congestion had cleared and cars in all 3 lanes were picking up speed.

John then looked up at the highly agitated gentleman and said “Excuse me sir, but you have a far greater problem on your hands.  Your wife has driven off in your car.  I can leave you here or you can get into my car and we can try to catch up with her.”


Sheepishly the driver skulked over to the passenger side of car and climbed in.  In a few moments, John had caught up with the driver’s wife who had now pulled over to the side of the highway.  As the unidentified driver was about to get out of the car, John turned to him and suggested that, “Tonight might be a good time to take his wife out to dinner!”

How would you use this as a sermon illustration?

  • You never know how you actions will affect another person
  • Escalating a situation will lead to more trouble
  • Don’t tick off your wife early in the morning:)

Have a suggested use?  Let me know.

Thanks to Norma for the article.


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