Pastor – 5 Things to Do This Summer So You Will Enjoy This Fall

5 Things To Do This Summer So You Will Enjoy The Fall



To be honest after the winter we endured I was hoping this summer would be hot.   I need some deep heat to help take the deep chill out of my bones:)  While the heat is not to my liking the summer certainly is.





With the change of pace this summer make sure you: refresh, rejuvenate, revive and restore yourself body, soul and spirit.

“I have a motto — Divert daily, withdraw weekly and abandon annually. You need to take time off to re-charge.” (Rick Warren)




Mark Dance in his article 5 Keys to Recharging This Summer has some great advise for helping you recharge and get ready for the Fall.

I never thought of #1, I’m great at #2 and #3, good at #4 and not so good at #5.  How about you?


We are halfway through the summer are your batteries recharging or are you still running on low?


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