Mental Health

Over the years the church has been great at digging a hole and burying our heads in the sand on many issues.  This summer in our church we have determined to reverse that trend and tackle issues that the church often ignores or shy’s away from.  One of those issues is Mental Health.


As I was working on this message here are  7 articles  I found helpful.  As a disclaimer, I may not agree with everything written here but it helped in my education and thoughts on the subject.

The Christian Struggle with Mental Illness

Mental Illness and the Christian: Scripture and Science

Stop Telling People Who Are Hurting to Pray Harder

Evangelicals, You’re Wrong about Mental Illness

3 Christian Responses to Mental Illness; Which One Is Most Biblical?

Where Is God in Mental Illness?

What the Bible says about psychology, psychiatry, madness, and insanity

“Until the day Jesus returns, I will live in a body which does not function as God originally intended. My brain, which is a key, central, integral part of my body, will not function correctly. Chemicals will become imbalanced. Serotonin will not be properly absorbed. Norepinephrine will be unevenly distributed. Synapses won’t fire correctly. My brain, just like every other part of my body, is prone to illness.”
(Stephen Altrogge)

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