Jesus Used Repetition When He Preached And You Should Too

Jesus Used Repetition When He Preached

They say that, “Variety is the spice of life” and this is especially true of  preaching.  It’s very easy to get into a routine (think rut) with our preaching and miss the impact that variety can have on our audience and also on us in our preparation.  I read a  Thom Rainer awhile back called ” 6 Preaching Methods Jesus Used and You Should Too” and I thought I would share each element with you and add resources that will help drive each point home.


6. Jesus Used Repetition

Jesus helped his audience learn His lessons by frequently repeating Himself. He taught the same major themes again and again. For example, Jesus spoke of his death and resurrection over and over again (Mark 8:31; 9:31; 10:33–34), and the disciples still didn’t get it. Sometimes people need to hear something many times over before it fully sinks in. In addition, teachings that get repeated get remembered. If you want to preach like Jesus, repeat. Find the main point of your message and say it again and again, and don’t be afraid to preach on important subjects more than once a year.

If you want to be a better preacher, look no further than Jesus.


As Pastor’s we often forget that when we speak it’s our peoples first time with the material not the 14th time like us.  Most of the time our fear of being to repetitive is unfounded.  There is a reason why in a one hour tv show you make see the same ad in almost every commercial break.  Because repetition works and is vital to get your message across in a over-saturated information world.

The trick is to be repetitive without being repetitive  Brad Bridges  gives 10 ways to use repetition in your speaking.

Here’s to better speaking.

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