Jesus Told Stories When He Preached And You Should Too

Jesus Told Stories When He Preached

They say that, “Variety is the spice of life” and this is especially true of  preaching.  It’s very easy to get into a routine (think rut) with our preaching and miss the impact that variety can have on our audience and also on us in our preparation.  I read a  Thom Rainer post awhile back called ” 6 Preaching Methods Jesus Used and You Should Too” and I thought I would share each element with you and add resources that will help drive each point home.



1. Jesus Told Stories

“Jesus told countless parables (Mark 4:34). He pulled spiritual truth from everyday life. Not only did these stories make Jesus’ preaching more memorable, they also connected in much more profound way. Think about the parable of the Prodigal Son. Jesus could have proclaimed, “God loves you so much that He will welcome you back to Him no matter how far you have wandered away.”

That is definitely true. However, Jesus instead chooses to tell the story of a boy who disowned his family, partied away his inheritance, came home to beg for mercy, but was surprisingly welcomed with open arms by his father who waited daily for his return. Which is more powerful? If you want to preach like Jesus, tell stories. Lots of them. Use examples from everyday life to teach spiritual truth.”


Rick Warren says, “Stories are made to hold our attention, stir emotion and help us remember.”

Here’s more Jesus Told Stories To Make A Point

I remember reading a G. Campbell Morgan sermon years ago and he transported me to the Sea of Galilee and I could feel the sand between my toes as I walked the shore with Jesus.  I have always appreciated preaching that “puts you there”.

Chris Brown says “Good communicators can hold their audiences attention for a long period of time.  Great communicators can have their audiences participation for a long period of time.”

10 Reasons To Lead With A Story  by from

Jesse Wisnewski
Jesse Wisnewski

Jessie Wisnewski

To get the audiences participation when preaching narrative material take them with you into the Scripture, here’s more:


“Not only did these stories make Jesus’ preaching more memorable, they also connected in much more profound way.” (Thom Rainer)

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