How To Make Vision Stick

How To Make Vision Stick

A couple of weeks ago I was given the gift of a 2 day Spiritual Retreat.  One of the many things I enjoyed was watching talks from the Leadership Summit 20th Anniversary DVD.  One of the talks was from Andy Stanley on the topic of vision and here are my notes.



#1 Why Vision Doesn’t Stick

A) Success

Success bring options and the more options you have the more chance for complexity.  Complexity is the enemy of efficiency.

B) Failure

People confuse plan/strategy with vision.  Just because a plan failed doesn’t mean the vision is wrong.  But failed plans bring pressure to change the vision.

C) Everything In Between

Vision is about what “should be” but life is about “right now”,  life usually wins.


#2 – 3 Things That Help Vision Stick

1) Cast is Strategically

Casting vision provides definition and most of us don’t cast vision nearly enough.  By the time you are getting sick of repeating your vision,  your people are just starting to get it.

Once a year is not enough.  At Northpoint, Andy takes 3 weeks every January to talk about Mission/Vision/Strategy.  Then in May they cast vision for the Fall and sign up volunteers.

How do you cast it?

A) Define the Problem

If we don’t do what we should do,  something will not get done.

B) Offer A Solution

Our vision is a solution to this problem.

C) Present Them With A Reason

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this now?

How are we going to do it?

2) Celebrate Is Systematically

Celebration – Brings Inspiration – Clarifies The Win For People – Puts Skin On The Vision

Make celebration a part of your culture.  Build celebration into your calendar such as during Water Baptismal Services.

3) Live It Continuously

Living it gives you credibility and makes you a leader worth following.  Your ability to embody the vision will have a direct impact on your credibility.

Personal stories make a difference, you shouldn’t be asking people to do things you are not willing to do yourself.

#3 – Check For Leaks

A) Keep An Eye On Programming

Nothing unfocusses  us faster than random programming. Think steps not program.

Is this a step towards small groups?

Is this a step towards spiritual maturity?

Every event or program should move people forward.

B) Listen To

Prayer requests – If as a church, a small group or staff your only prayers are for the sick and not the lost then the vision is not sticking.

Complaints – These are a chief indicators of what people consider important. The music is to loud or not loud enough, the church is is getting to big etc.  When people complain we haven’t had enough visitors or people getting saved then you know the vision is getting through.

When it comes to Vision Casting, where are you weak?  Where are you strong?

We have been at our church for about a year and a half and next year we will begin to tackle the whole mission/vision mountain.

I think for me: Define a Problem, Offer a Solution and Present Them With a Reason was very insightful.   This along with keeping our Vision Casting on “repeat” will take us all a long way down the field in leading our people.







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