7 Ways to Get Your Church Noticed In Your Community by @Churchfuel

7 Ways To Get Your Church Noticed

“Have you ever felt that trying to get your message out was hopeless? Like trying to get noticed in a packed stadium? Or trying to get heard at a crowded, loud party with music blaring in the background?”     (Michael Hyatt)



A couple of weeks ago @churchfuel did an online webinar I thought was very informative and practical.  Here are the notes.  I hope you find them helpful

1) Use Your Platform To Share Community Events

We use our bulletin, website, Facebook, etc, to talk about ourselves but why not extend it to community events?  People will see that your church is not just inward focused.  They suggest 3 community events to 1 church announcement.  That seems a bit high to me but you get the point.

2) Re-purpose Your Existing Content

You have a vault of content to work from.

  • Make it shorter
  • Make it sharable

Take a series and make it into a 3-4 page pdf

3)  Get To Know Your Community

  • Ask what is biggest challenge – marriage, parenting, etc
  • Put together a surveymonkey survey

4) Continually Ask “What’s in it for me?”

Make sure you are not an inward focused church.  Don’t have a selfie strategy, communicate benefits not announcements.  People ask, “What’s in it for me?” about everything include things church related.

5)  Put Free Resources On Your Website

I thought this was a great idea.

Make your website the hub for great resources.

Helping people earns their trust and trust leads to in influence and influence leads to the right to invite.

6) Be Present @ Community Events

In the webinar, Michael told a story of his church being at a community event where they gave away while others churches used it as an opportunity for fundraising.

7) Engage A Team To Work On The Mission

  • Content Person
  • Tech Person – A young person great at all aspects of Social Media
  • Project Manager – Make a schedule and keep it running.

These people are already in your church just waiting to be served.


A generation ago Billy Graham saw the possibility of using media such and radio, tv specials and movies to advance the Gospel message.  Today social media presents the same opportunity and it’s FREE!!!

Where will you start first?

What community event will be the first one you advertize on our Church website?

In the next 6 months what community events are coming up that you can be a part of?

Let’s not miss what is before our very eyes.

Here’s the Churchfuel full pdf

Photo credit: Lord Jim via Foter.com / CC BY

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