4 Helps For Your 2016 Preaching Calendar

4 Helps For Your 2016 Preaching Calendar

There are some people who are planning gurus and then there are the rest of us.  Hopefully you have plans for your preaching at least into the New Year but if not here are 4 helps that will get your creative juices flowing.


H.B Charles Jr. a great expository preacher has some great thoughts to consider when beginning to plan your annual preaching calendar.

Planning your preaching helps you to be guard against “vain repetition” in your preaching. It helps you to establish a strategy for declaring the whole counsel of God.


Guy Williams gives 7 categories to consider in sermon planning including Contemporary Issues and Classic Questions. Achieving Variety In Your Annual Preaching Plan

“Good variety can keep the preacher fresh and the congregation more engaged, so build an annual preaching calendar with a good mix of sermon series.”

Hal Seed gives 7 Principles For The Perfect Preaching Calendar including all growth comes from Jesus and there is not perfect preaching calendar.  He is also big believer in using Church Campaigns to see your church reach new people.

Canadian Darryl Dash asks the question,

“In communities in which many people lack a biblical worldview, and won’t be staying very long, how can we effectively use that time to ground them in the gospel before they leave?”

His solution? A multi-year preaching strategy.  Now there’s something most of us have not considered:)

Now that you have some extra tools get praying, get planning and do some great work for the Kingdom!!!

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