3 Reasons It’s Tough For A Preacher To Talk About Money

3 Reasons It’s Tough For A Preacher To Talk About Money

It’s an issue we all deal with.  It’s an issue that causes stress in marriage.  It’s an issue that worries university students.  Yet, most pastors I know find it difficult to talk about money with their congregation.  There are many reasons why this feels like a herculean task but let me give you just 3.

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TV Preachers

I am not like some preacher friends I know, who would love to see all television preachers removed with “extreme prejudice” from the airwaves. However, I understand their feelings.  I recently, saw a video of a preacher defending his income tax return, including the $30,000 in clothes for his Television Ministry, the $50,000 they spent to turn his Mercedes-Benz into a limo and his over 2 million house which he called a “ministry resort centre”.

And then there’s this…


Church  Horror Stories

A friend told me about being in a very large church and how the offering time offended her greatly.  The church was a family business and they had everyone come down the aisle and if you gave over $100 you put your offering in the Senior Pastor’s bucket and if it was under $100 you put it in his son’s bucket.  I wonder how many people broke the 9th Commandment – Thou shalt not lie, that Sunday morning?

Then there was the contractor who was doing work in a church and in the foyer they had a list of family names and what each family gave each Sunday!!! (I’m not making this up and oh how I wish I was.)



Money Is A Sensitive Issue



The Bible is full of topics that cut to the heart and cause people to be uncomfortable but money has to be at the top of the list.  That’s probably why Jesus talked about money and possessions so much.  People will trust God with their eternal salvation but not with their money.  Funny isn’t it?

What other reason would you add as to why it’s difficult for a preacher to speak about money?  No matter how hard it may be as ministers we have a responsibility to speak on money.  More on that next week.

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