18 Ways To Gain Attention As A Public Speaker

18 Ways To Gain Attention As A Public Speaker

Would you believe that you have a shorter attention span than a goldfish?

According to a Canadian survey by Microsoft those surveyed had an attention span of 8 seconds .  Whether it’s actually 8,9 or 10 seconds I think we would all agree that keeping the attention of any audience is certainly a challenge.



Here are 18 suggestions to help you gain attention and get your message heard.  Hopefully, there will be something new here that you can add to your repertoire.

  1. Start with a question.23quoteattention
  2. Start with a rhetorical question.
  3. Start with a “show of hands” question.
  4. Start with a statement that gets attention.
  5. Start with a startling fact or stat.
  6. Start with a human need/strike a need.
  7. Use an object lesson.
  8. Play a video clip.5-socialmedia-distraction
  9. Add humour.
  10. Tell a story.
  11. Be yourself/be natural.
  12. Begin with a testimony.
  13. Use a prop.
  14. Start with a quote.
  15. Tell a personal story.
  16. Keep it brief.
  17. Place the text/topic in its context.
  18. Tell a joke only if it’s helpful to your topic and only if people actually laugh at your jokes.  If you’re the only one laughing that’s not a good sign.


The 18 techniques above are just that techniques (a method of accomplishing a desired aim).  The secret is to be real with your audience.  Your intro must be crafted for your audience instead of trying to make yourself look impressive.

In a post “Not About Me” Darryl Dash said, “The problem is that I began to focus on myself, rather than on the people to whom I’d speak. Instead of trying to serve and bless them, I was thinking about me.”

Can you relate?

Let’s be creative and authentic as we work to gain attention in a world full of noise but let’s make it about our message and not about us.

Do you have another item to add to our list?  Please leave it in the comment section.


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